Alvin Zhou

2622 Lerner Hall

Buzzfeed     (May 2015  - Present)                                          

Food Video Producer

• Produced, cooked, shot and edited short-form food videos for Tasty, Tasty Brazil and Buzzfeed Food, earning over 5 billion views and 97 million shares on Facebook.


• Magic Chocolate Ball: 122 million views

• Bacon Wrapped Grilled Cheese: 110 million views

• BBQ Chicken Pizza Dippers: 128 million views

• Spinach Artichoke Garlic Bread: 122 million views

• Cake Pops 4 Ways: 103 million views

16 Handles     (January 2015  - Present)                                                               

Video Producer

• Shot, edited, and produced videos for 16 Handles'​ breakfast & catering program, frozen yogurt flavors, and partnerships to increase foot traffic, internal franchisee purchases, and overall sales.

• Led a team of 5 to create "The Art of Froyo"​, a series of visual adverts showcasing the use of real ingredients in 16 Handles'​ Artisan Froyo Flavors.

• Led a team of 4 to create the “Real Fruit, Real Flavor” campaign to promote 16 Handles’ smoothie line, a series of visually-driven video shorts displayed inside all 40 New York stores.

• Produced "FroYo That!" a weekly froyo blind taste test web series.

Spoon University     (January 2015  - May 2015)

Video Producer

• Analyzed food trends to strategically produce videos for Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube, resulting in 700,000+ views, 65,000+ likes, 15,000+ comments, and 7,000+ shares.  

• Shot and styled food photos for Instagram that consistently were reshared by multiple accounts with 50k~250k followers, earning a total of 75,000+ likes and 10,000+ comments

• Partnered with Bai5, Hampton Creek, Chobani, and to create branded video content for Facebook and Instagram to promote new products.

• Featured in Buzzfeed, Yahoo Food, FoodBeast, Elite Daily, USA TODAY College, HuffPost.

The City Bakery     (November 2014  - Jan 2015)                                               

Social Media Manager

•  Spearheaded social media marketing efforts, acquiring over 200,000+ blog views, 4,500 Facebook page likes, 10,000 check-ins, 90,000 impressions, and features in NYTimes, Buzzfeed, and Gothamist.

• Managed and implemented an online catering system that boosted weekly revenue by 37%. 


Columbia University Class of 2017


Canon DSLR, Adobe Premiere Pro CS6, Editing, Food Styling, Video Production, Post Production.

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